Q & A about cardio Vs lifting.

Where did you start in terms of lifting?

After my weight loss, I did a few sessions with a PT to get the technique and the correct form with the lifting exercises.
Are you the same weight in both pictures?

No I am not , I have lost 4-5 kgs after taking up lifting, but have also put on muscle.
How much cardio due you recommend and how often?

I recommend 1 hr to 45 mins of intensive cardio 5 to 6 times a week for weight loss.
How do you control sweet cravings?

By eating healthy and 4-5 meals a day keeps me full so my sweet cravings eventually die off. 
How long does it take to see results with lifting? Do you exercise less now?

With lifting it will take couple of months for results , it’s a process and should be continued. I do weights 45 mins a day , and 20mins cardio after.
In what way has Lifting impacted your health?

I feel a lot healthier , full of energy and my strength has increased.
When you say lifting you mean machine weights? What sets , reps would you recommend?

Lifting includes both machine weights and free weights like Dumbells. Generally I do 4 sets of each exercise with a max rep of 12 reps.
What would you recommend ,first cardio then lifting?

Yes, do cardio workout to lose the weight , then start with lifting to tone and strengthen your body. 
Do you do cardio anymore?

Yes I still do 20 mins of cardio after a weight session each day. 
What is your current weight, and what goal are you working towards?

My current weight is 64kg, my goal is to further tone my body and increase my strength.
Is it vital to do cardio to lose weight or is lifting a good alternative?

To lose the maximum weight , cardio is the way to go, but you can mix it up with some weight training aswell.
Do you have any suggestions to stay in the gym without a trainer and how to gain knowledge about lifting?

It will be best to start off with a trainer, then start on your own. You can buy lifting programs online or check YouTube for videos of lifting exercises.
How long did it take to see results in your waistline?

After I took up lifting , it’s taken me 2-3 years to achieve that waistline. That includes proper diet and training the abs 2 to 3 times a week. 
What did you initially eat to lose the weight?

I ate really healthy avoiding processed food, sugars and carbs. I ate at a deficit to burn the fat off while training.
Did your weight plateau, how did you overcome this?

Yes, it did plateau. I changed my diet and training programs to stimulate more fat loss. I didn’t let my body adapt. 
Did you have any sagging skin after weight loss?

Yes , I do have some lose skin, but with the healthy eating and lifting it has toned and tightened over the years. 
What supplements to you take?

I don’t take any supplements, just fish oil and daily vitamins.
How do you train now? Do you do each body part a day?

I do 45 mins of weightlifting and 20mins of cardio , 5 days a week.

Yes, I train each body part on a particular day and then the next week I switch the days around so the body doesn’t adapt.
When you were beginning what type of machines did you use?

During my weight loss, I did a lot of running so the treadmill and also the stair machine aswell.
Did you lift while you were trying to lose weight?

No , at the start I only did cardio to lose the weight, then took up lifting to tone and strengthen my body. 


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