Updated Q&A about my weight loss journey.

▪️What diet did you follow at the start?

At the start of my weight loss journey, I avoided all carbs and sugar. I ate clean foods like green veggies , tuna and lean chicken. I ate at a deficit around less than a 1000 calories a day.
▪️How many hours do you workout a day?

During my weight loss journey, I did around 45mins to an hour of cardio a day.

Currently I am working out with weights around 45mins.
▪️How did your skin get fair?

With the clean eating I was following for years and taking vitamins daily my skin started to clear up over time. With clean eating all the toxins in my skin got cleared away. Avoiding processed foods helps a lot as I am not consuming any toxins.
▪️Did you have any surgery to get rid of excess skin around your stomach?

No I didn’t have any sort of surgery. I used bio oil and vit E cream on my excess skin and over time it toned up. All lifting weights helps a lot with tightening of the excess skin.
▪️Do you have pictures of every stage of your weight loss journey?

Unfortunately no, I was too embarrassed at the start to take any photos. I didn’t know that the change would be this dramatic. I only have a few photos when I was overweight.
▪️What type of exercises did you do initially and how often?

When I started I did a lot of cardio, especially running then I also incorporated high intensity workout like cardio classes at the gym. I started with 3 days a week to 6 days a week. 
▪️How did you start? How did you push past not seeing results if you changed your diet?

I started by eating healthy avoiding carbs and sugar . I ate at a deficit also. I did have some trouble not seeing results but then I changed by workout routine to include high intensity workouts too, not just cardio.
▪️What is the very first step you took?

My very first step was to change what I ate. I avoided sugars and carbs and any processed foods. 80% of any weight loss journey is the diet and being strict about it. 
▪️Did you go through a lot of stalled weight loss periods?

No I didn’t, because I was 100% strict with my diet , I didn’t binge or cheat on my diet and my training was consistent.
▪️How did you lose all that weight without having excess skin? 

I still do have excess skin, especially around my lower stomach. Most of the skin toned up over time with my weight training. I am thinking of doing a mini tummy tuck in the near future tho. 
▪️What’s the best way to lose upper thigh and belly fat?

There is no specific way to target a specific body area to lose the weight. It’s all about the diet, you have to change what you eat and train to lose the weight , then start lifting weights to tone up. 
▪️What’s the best way to lose arm fat other than push ups? 

Like I said in pervious question , there no specific way to target a specific body area for fat loss, it’s all to do with the diet and training generally. Push ups generally target the chest and triceps only , so do a full arm workout.
▪️How did you get your arms and thighs leaner? How did you stay motivated?

There’s no specific method to lose weight in specific body areas. It’s all about the diet to lose the weight first then do weights to tone up the body parts.

My motivation was the results I saw within myself, I was 100 committed and that produced results. 
▪️What would you suggest as an alternative for meat?How did you stay motivated at the start?

I would suggest high protein alternatives like soy , chickpeas , tofu and eggs.

My motivation at the start was to lose the weight so I can fit into dresses that I liked, then after seeing results that became my motivation. 
▪️How did you overcome the negative talk and self doubt?

I ignored all the negative talk around me and kept pushing myself. Over time I developed a thicker skin and ignored all negative vibes.

I did have a few instances of self doubt, but the results I saw within myself kept motivating and pushing myself.
▪️Any tips for stretch marks after weight loss?

I used bio oil and vit e cream on my stretch marks , and over time they started to disappear.
▪️What did you do if or when you reached a plateau?

During my journey I didn’t have any plateau as I was 100% committed to my diet and training. If you reached a plateau best to change your diet and training as your body would have adapted or consult a personal trainer to help you.
▪️What did you do when you lost motivation?

My motivation was the results I was seeing within myself. Ever if I lost motivation I would think about my goals and look at pervious photos to see how far I have come .
▪️Cardio first then tone? Or both at same time?

It all depends on how much weight you have to lose to achieve your goals. If it’s a higher number, I would suggest cardio first then lifting to tone up. If it’s a smaller weight you have to lose, then do lifting followed by 20-30 mins of cardio. 
▪️How to get a fairer skin tone like yours?

My healthy eating over the years cleared all the toxins in my skin. By eating clean foods and taking vitamins has helped me clear my skin.
▪️Did you get any bleaching done?

No I haven’t had any bleaching of my skin anywhere or ever had any medical surgeries done. 
▪️Can you share your current meal plans and what you eat everyday?

I am following a meal plan special designed for me and my goals. It’s not suitable for anyone else. It was designed by Ash from @fitmonkz Fitness.

I have posted in the past on my Instagram what I eat daily and I will do a few posts in the future too. Watch out for it on my Instagram.


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