1)How did you lose the weight?
I started my weight loss journey by doing intensive cardio. I initially started going to the gym 4 days a week then increased it to 6 days a week. I also did a lot of HIIT sessions aswell to burn the weight off.
2)What did you eat?
I ate healthy organic foods. I avoided all sugar and carbohydrates. I also stayed away from processed foods and all takeaway foods aswell. I ate my meals at a deficit so my stored body fat would be used as a energy during training. Sometimes I would replace certain meals with a healthy soup aswell.
3)What was your weight at the start?
When I started my weight loss journey I was 107 kgs
4)How did you put on the weight initially?
I have always been overweight as long I can remember. So I had a lot of Self image issues. This lead to my addiction to food. Also my weight increased while at university as I was stressed with exams and my studies. I would general consume 2 or 3 plates of rice and 1 or 2 pizzas daily.
5)Why did you decide to lose the weight?
My first step to changing my lifestyle started with a certain photo on Facebook. A friend had uploaded a group photo , and I got a lot of negative comments about the way I looked. I was devastated and depressed. But I decided to take the first step in changing my body from that day onwards.
6)What was your motivation at the start to lose the weight?
My motivation was to change the way I looked and enjoy a healthy lifestyle. But as I continually pushed myself, the results I saw within myself was my biggest motivation in achieving my goals.
7)Did you have a role model?
Yes, I always looked upto Michelle Lewin. I followed her on Instagram and followed some of her routines aswell.
8)Did you have a trainer at the start?
No I did not have a trainer at the start. After my weight loss I started lifting. At this point I had a trainer for 2 months to guide me through.
9)How long did take you to get the slim figure?
It took me 10 months to get my slim figure but I wasn’t tone, so I started training weights to tone my body and increase my strength.
10)How did your skin tone change?
I account the change in my skin tone to the healthy foods I been eating. They are rich in vitamins and minerals. So over the past few years all the toxins from the skin would have cleared hence the change in skin tone.
11)Did you have any major surgeries done?
No, I have had no surgeries done at all.
What about your lose skin after your weight loss , how did you tackle that?
After my weight loss I did have loss skin. I applied vitamin E cream in those areas. After I got into lifting , the skin stated to firm up and tone up. But to this day I still do have a little bit of lose skin in certain areas.
12)What is your current goal?
My current goal is to get more leaner and stronger. I am also planning on competing next year aswell, which would be my ultimate goal.
13)Do you have a trainer currently?
Yes, I do have a trainer currently. His name is Ash and has his own PT business called Fitmonkz.
14)Any advice for anyone starting their weight loss journey?
The most important thing is to take that first step. The results are not going to happen overnight, patience is key. Keep pushing and once you see results that will be your motivation.
But the most important part of any weight loss journey is the diet. Avoid all sugars and processed foods . Eat healthy foods and eat at a deficit to burn the weight off.
15)Has people’s perception of you changed after your weight loss?
Yes it has. I am still the same person regardless if I lost weight or not.
But the ugly truth is that people approach me more often than when I was overweight. People are more friendly towards me than when I was overweight. But I always keep a level head and not let this attitude of others change me or my behavior. Stay focused and dedicated.


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